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New writing, creativity & fun.

  • All of our productions are of original works.
  • Our live shows are entertaining and theatrical as well as recorded performances.
  • We create enjoyable theatre reminiscent of the 1950’s ‘light programmes’ such as The Goon Show.  

About us

I Hear Voices Theatre Company is a UK group founded in 2012 and is based in Colchester, Essex.

The company was established by long-time collaborators Damien Bell and Darren Gooding in defiance of an uncaring world to make use of the modern panacea, the internet, to salve their artistic frustration.

The company focus is on narrative comedy and - inspired by radio broadcasts such as ‘The Goon Show’ - we record many performances of our plays to a live audience, sometimes using audience participation to create background crowds or a chorus.  

The company is ‘semi-professional’, comprised of professional performers and enthusiastic, dedicated amateurs, with skills in acting, magic, stand-up, writing and composing.

Meet the members

The founders of I Hear Voices earlier today